Step 01

            Login to your Seller Account

Then you can see following Seller Dashboard

Step 02

            Chose on “Products

Then Chose on “Add New product

Then you can see Form of product adding

Step 03

            Filling form to the correctly

  • Section 01

Product Name – Name of the product

Product Category – Select Product Category

Product Brand – Choose product brand (If do not have the brand name of the product you are looking for, please contact

Product Code – Insert the SKU Number (is a unique number used to internally track a business’ inventory)

Product Unit – Number of units in which the product is shipped to the customer

Warranty Period – Choose the warranty period

Minimum Qty – Minimum number of units to be purchased in order to send the product to the customer

Product Tag – product tag is the assigning of keywords or phrases to products so that they are easier to find within your e-commerce page’s site search.

  • Section 02

Main Image – The main image shown in the product viewing details

Thumbnail Image – Image displayed during a product demonstration on the website

  • Section 03

Can be used to insert videos for product details

Video From – The medium in which the video is located

Video URL – Video source path

  • Section 04

Search engines such as Google often display the meta description in search results.

Meta Title – Title of the product

Description – Short description of the product

Meta Image – image of the product

  • Section 05

You can add product attributes.

Ex: – Colors, Weight, Height

  • Section 06

Unit Price = Price for a Unit

Purchase price = Purchase price means the stock price for the seller or admin. This means how much price needed to purchase the product by admin or seller.

Tax = Taxes included per unit

Discount = (4700 – 3600) = 1150

Quantity = Product Quantity

  • Section 07

You can choose shipping methods. like a Free shipping or Flat rate.

  • Section 08

You can write the main description in this. You can include images, videos and PDF files.

After you fill the product insert form correctly necessary to click the “Save” button.

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