Onada.lk was launched in 2019 with the objective of making shopping a hassle-free experience for anyone who had internet access in Sri Lanka.

Onada.lk is a Platform that can be used to meet sellers and buyers. 

Using it, merchants and entrepreneurs can expand their business opportunities, increase sales, and bring their products or services closer to customers.

Today, we’re present across various categories including products (computers, personal products and electronics) and services (Vehicles, Lands, Business, houses).

It is often difficult to find the favorite everyday essentials, products, and services you want. And we’re always adding new brands, products, and services so in time you’ll never have to go anywhere else. All your needs will be met through the Onada.lk Platform.

Onada.lk We’re always on the mission to provide all our customers the best Services when shopping online with the best support to make all our customers 100% satisfied by using our services.

Therefore, Onada.lk is joined by island-wide vendors, manufacturers, and service providers. 

Please check our shipping policy, terms and privacy policy for our services and more information.

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